About a girl named Bethelynn who starts it all

[The Swann Legacy Chronicles]


[Swann] (Chapter 2) How To Test A Will: Step One!

Sometimes, you just have to get back to your roots.

Bethelynn crouched in the blistering hot dirt and searched around for anything edible. Combing through large leaves, she  found only one under-ripe tomato, which had tough green skin and was still clutching to its vine. Bethelynn would feel guilty about picking the tiny green runt, so she left it alone and stood back up, her empty basket around her right arm. “Damn it, all of these plants are just blooming.” Bethelynn mumbled sadly as she dusted off her jeans which had changed from blue to musty brown. Suddenly her ringtone sounded and she fumbled around with her pockets for it. Finally she found it and stuck it to her ear, frazzled.

“Bethelynn Swann, LeAguE band assistant, what’s your complaint?” Bethelynn sweared and corrected herself. “I meant question.”

“Actually it is a complaint. Last week the singer for this band of yours broke into my shed, I know it was them. That long greasy hair and those pasty knock knees. They should be ashamed of themselves! Making this old lady’s life a living Hell! Took my spade and even my sweet little gnome!” The woman ranted on, and Bethelynn sighed.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, the band is working on themselves everyday. Someday, they will give back to the world instead of taking. Can I have your address ma’am so I can give you a flyer for a discounted concert?” Bethelynn’s response was the one contrived by the band’s manager, a cold alternative to getting involved with people. He said it would work, but it never did and only made people much, much angrier.

“YOU THINK I WANNA GO SEE THE BAND THAT BROKE INTO MY SHED?!? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!? I COULDN’T EVEN GO OUT IF I TRIED!! I’M ON A FULL TIME OXYGEN tank…”  Her angry voice tapered off as she inhaled a puff of machine generated air. Bethelynn felt on the verge of tears as she hung up the phone and flipped it to vibrate.

“This is the job I asked for?”

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[Swann] (Chapter 1) The End Of The Beginning

Bethelynn Swann.

She repeated her name a hundred times over in her head, making sure she was still herself. While she mumbled, the bumpy highway made her stomach churn and was was glad she had downed a few motion sickness pills. She could almost feel the friction of the smooth black tires against the concrete and hear the tiny gray pebbles whisper their sad songs. The taxi driver, who was covered in pale age spots and had a large bald oval on his head nodded his head in the direction of the wood sign that announced their arrival into the sleepy town of Twinbrook. The blue paint was chipped on the T and B and a bush overran the rest of the cursive. Already there was a thick layer of dirt covering the road and filtering through the air.

“You sure a kid like you is ready for this old Boonie town?” His salt colored eyebrows knit together and Bethelynn sent back a reassured smile that even surprised herself in it’s authenticity.

“I’m actually not quite sure it is.” She raised her head to the window and saw the clear and menacing water of the lake. She settled back in so she would only see through the windshield and steadied herself quietly. “But even so, I know this is the place I have to go.”

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